Remodeling Tips For Commercial Bathrooms In Massachusetts

commercial bathroom remodeling

Smart business owners in Massachusetts know that customers are picky about restrooms. Remodeling a commercial restroom could be the answer needed to keep and attract customers. Happy customers and happy employees means more business and higher production, so take a look at the bathrooms in your establishment as if you were seeing them for the first time.

How do the floors look? Is the entire space dull-looking? Do the plumbing fixtures, sinks, and toilets look outdated? Perhaps it's time to remodel the bathrooms.

The best remodeling tip you could get is to work with a Massachusetts general contractor rather than separate specialists or a handyman. You get much more out of the commercial bathroom remodeling project when you work with a general contractor. Here are some other things you'll want to know.

Commercial Remodeling Designs

When you work with a general contractor to remodel your commercial bathrooms, you will have access to a designer who specializes in commercial remodeling. The designer will help you go through and plan all the details of the project. Here are some of the key points of planning the design.

  • Consistent flow of style - The style of the building needs to flow well throughout the space, including to the restrooms. As mentioned, the bathroom is important to patrons of your business as well as employees, so this is something your designer will make recommendations on.
  • Bathroom floors - Most commercial bathrooms have a lot of tile. This is because tile is a very durable flooring option. Whether you choose tile for just the floors or also for the walls, it will make a huge statement about the design. Remember that light, solid color tile will show every speck of dirt that's tracked into the bathrooms. A multi-colored medium to medium-dark tile will be more forgiving.
  • Safety in the bathrooms - Sure, style is important when it comes to remodeling commercial bathrooms, but safety trumps everything. You need the bathrooms to be safe when people are using it. This means sturdy fixtures, sturdy toilets, floor traction, good drainage, and a well-planned soap and towel dispenser.
  • Custom creature comforts - Don't forget to make space for creature comforts as you remodel your commercial bathrooms. People need certain accessories and amenities in the bathroom. The more personable you make the space, the more pleasant and comforting it will be. Think about designing the space more like you would in your home. A simple countertop between two walls with a mirror behind and a full-length mirror nearby makes the space personable rather than cold and stark.

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