The Preferred Connecticut General Contractor for Commercial Construction & Remodeling

general contractor connecticutFinding a general contractor for commercial remodeling or construction in Connecticut is about locating a professional team with a proven track record. It also means finding someone that is fast and efficient while having the proven ability to meet deadlines and budget goals. This is why so many savvy commercial business owners call on our crew of expert Connecticut general contractors here at Nadeau Commercial Construction.

Our construction company name has been earning the impeccable reputation that we have since 2000, but we are backed by 35 plus years of industry related experience. The bottom line is that we know what it takes to get the job done and will do what it takes to achieve the goals you have set. We don't want to simply meet your expectations, we strive to exceed them, every single time.

Commercial Remodeling in Connecticut

Making the wise choice to opt for commercial remodeling as opposed to new construction can have a number of benefits. This is a more financially viable approach, for one thing. Yet it is also about providing stability and familiarity for both your clients and staff.

The projects we take on often range in price quite a bit, anywhere from $45k to $2.5m. Not to mention, we can work with just about any type of commercial space including retail, medical or even banks and churches. This includes office renovation work. Call us today to get started on your commercial remodeling project or to learn more about our work in commercial construction in Connecticut.

Connecticut Design-Build

Finding a trustworthy professional to work with for both your design and your build work is the key to success. Being able to rely on one resource for a complete design-build job is even better.

Yet you have to be 100% confident in the ability of the construction company in Connecticut you choose since you are entrusting them with the entire process. Let our proven record of success, as well as satisfied clients, speak to our capability.

Construction Management

Construction management is all about keeping the project on track and seeing it through to the end. This, of course, means meeting completion dates and staying on top of the budget goals.

The ultimate success or failure of a construction project rests on the shoulders of the management team you select. Choose based on history and customer satisfaction level as opposed to who promises cut-rate costs. In the end, strong management will still deliver the best in costs as well but with top rate workmanship and results.

Office Renovation in Connecticut

Make the most of your projected office renovation plans by relying on the best in the business. Nadeau Commercial Construction has become widely renowned for this type of commercial remodeling work in Connecticut.

We will help you achieve your goals and bring your vision to life. The profound positive impact this will make on your workforce and client base is bound to result in higher profitability.

Areas in Connecticut Our General Contractors Serve

  • Fairfield County, Connecticut
  • Hartford County, Connecticut
  • Litchfield County, Connecticut
  • Middlesex County, Connecticut
  • New Haven County, Connecticut
  • New London County, Connecticut
  • Tolland County, Connecticut
  • Windham County, Connecticut


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